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It isn't clear to me that this audience is going to know what to do when they get to the Educators page. Many would not have experience with wikis. 02:54, 6 July 2006 (EDT)
What size are the cards going to be? If they are credit card size then people may be likely to put such a card in their wallet and thus have it readily available. The size specification for such a card is on the following page.
Maybe Sharing your content with the OLPC project would be a better page to which an educator or publisher entering should be automatically redirected.
That's a great title for a related page, perhaps to be transcluded for the educators (and also for other groups). Sj 13:29, 6 July 2006 (EDT)
The link from on a card to the Educators pages works. Yet the content of the Educators page does not (at 2006-07-07 0912Z) seem to provide a clear message to someone who has, say, received the card at a trade show where some eager young people wearing olpc tee-shirts were giving them out and who now, back in the office the next day, decides to follow up the link which is printed on the card. Perhaps the someone is a manager at an educational publisher which makes its income from selling schoolbooks and educational multimedia packages in developed countries. There may well be a willingness to consider giving content to the developing world: however, that willingness needs to have the reassurance, up front, that giving content to children in developing countries is not going to jeopardise the home market upon which the publisher depends. The Educators page does not provide that reassurance at present. It is no use leaving such a thing until later or until asked - the chance to impress the someone may be lost before that time. Maybe another someone receiving the card is highly-placed in an educational publishing company and hands the card to his or her secretary and asks him or her to look into that link and produce a one page report on whether we can get involved in this without prejudicing our intellectual property rights in our established markets. The Educators page does not at present provide the information for the secretary conveniently. The page itself needs to contain enough information, yet no more other than a link for further information, so that the secretary can produce a short report which shows that helping OLPC is not going to damage the company's business. The idea of the cards with the short web page direct link is excellent. The opportunity to have an educational publisher consider giving content to OLPC may be there and gone as just a passing look at the link: if the page looks as if it is about all sorts of ideas and it is hard to find the information relevant to the educational publisher then the someone might just conclude that it is all rather muddled so forget it and get on with other work. However, if it is clear and provides the necessary reassurances and a clear way to proceed then results may be better. This is not like a science experiment where one can try it several times and observe what happens on each occasion and compare results. This needs to be right the first time that the person following up on the card which he or she has received looks at the page. The page refers to the email address. What does iste mean? Does that not-knowing what iste means deter people from emailing? I feel that it needs a special email address with a recognisable name, such as or something like that.