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Category:checktoupdate ?

Yo, I see you added Category:checkuptodate to the G1G1 activity pack page.

As OLPC:Style guide#Categorization says, if you create a category, it helps to edit its page to say what it's for and categorize the category itself (in this case maybe Category:Cleanup? Also names should be phrases, thus something like Category:Check if up-to-date is better.

As to this specific page... As far as I can tell, no one has made a G1G1 activity pack download updated for 8.2.0, and the Software update Sugar Control Panel makes that unnecessary if you have an Internet connection. I tried to make this clear on the page, but anything you can add to make it clearer can help.

In general... To help determine if a page is up-to-date, I click its [history] tab, pick a revision a while back, and click [Compare selected versions]. Most pages have recent edits but many are only to revert vandalism or tweak templates and links — the "meat" of the page hasn't changed since late 2007.


-- skierpage 05:24, 8 December 2008 (UTC)