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See also our how to participate page

If you'd like to volunteer to help OLPC out, please start by signing up for an account here on the wiki, and send email to volunteers at laptop.org to offer specific help or expertise. If you want build a local community of OLPC enthusiasts, you can also find ideas on the wiki about how to do that.

There are a number of ways to help the OLPC project.

Open volunteer positions

Website maintainer

(wiki, www, dev, rt, blog, and forum.laptop.org)

volunteer sysadmin for community projects

Volunteer infrastructure group - sysadmin and database work for community projects

storytelling workshop leader

Storytelling - adopting a country or school, editing a column for the blog or newsletter

Research consultant for schools and NGOs

working with research projects studying OLPC to help them understand the project, and do research relevant to its success

Tutorial writer and copyeditor

see "Bootstrapping" ideas below

Bootstrapping : improving "How to help" information

Project: develop better 'how to help' introductions for people from a number of different background and fields.

Social and education networks:

  • University students
  • Free culture activists
  • Non-profit organizations (local and global)

Open content:

  • Authors, artists, and other creators
    • Remix and reuse communities
  • Collection curators

Free and open software:


  • Translators and linguists
  • Local newsletter editing
  • Interpretation and mentoring across language barriers

Communication and outreach

Specific projects available

Request tracking

Project: set up a separate tracker for volunteering and community requests. Keep records of new project-specific trackers on this wiki -- nothing beats global RC.

Introductory materials

Project : improve on introductory posters, flyers, whitepapers, manuals, and cheatsheets to teach about OLPC; curate introductory materials that explain aspects of the project and laptops for XO users.

Ex: curate introductions for programming / gnukids & free licensing / social networks & safety

Other projects

Content, software, and other.

 mapping/geobrowsing | localization | midi/sound playback | 
 video playback | mozilla/Browse optimization | sugar-jhbuild / development |
 emulation & live-cds | pygame, sdl and game development |
 offline wikipedia/dictionary browsing | intelligent tiered web caching
 for children : stories | math | science | art | languages (other than py)