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This wiki and are the central hub for community work at the moment. Supporting sites include individual sites dedicated to national groups (mainly informational sites or wikis, with calendars of events, lists of projects, and contact information).

There is a lot more that we can do! There are some ongoing discussions about how to make this happen, and OLPC is interested in investing in improvements to community platforms, and in generally making our public image more collaborative and less corporate... including the current look and feel of

Engaging interface ideas

the detail pages below could al be wiki pages, if we improve the skin here

  • A world map with stories from all over; rotate to a hotspot, and hover over it to see a summary of that story; click to be taken to a detail page with information about it.
  • A map with regional groups on it; hover for summary stats about that group, click to visit their detail page, which will link to their own site if one exists
  • Create a default skin for new users which doesn't look like a wiki; limits its nav links to 'translate', 'search', and 'log in'

Wiki design and friendliness

This wiki is still hard to use in a few ways. We could use

  • better unified nav boxes
  • cleaner categories with descriptive pages (good enough to link to as part of tutorials on how to use the site)
    • a category project to clear out all uncat'ed pages

Data to visualize

Community work to amplify

  • Featured content on this wiki

Other ideas for site design