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If you want to create a new wiki for some sort of content project, please consider whether the project could be developed directly on the general OLPC wiki, on Wikipedia or Wikibooks, or as part of an existing project.

If you want to start a new OLPC wiki, please add the following to this page:

== Project name ==
;Wiki name:
;Where to host it: (ideally as part of an existing project online)
;Initial target language[s]:
;Access type: 
 (world-editable, world-readable with applications to edit, applications to read, ...)


Wiki name
One Lap Top Per Child VietNam and MeKong Region
Unofficial OLPC VietNam and MeKong Region Community Organizer, Planner, and Developer
Where to host it
To be specified
Initial target languages
vn, en
Universal Citizen
Access type
world-editable (with future changes or workflow possible)
This proposal is made and current project can be found on 
To be specified

{{OLPC VietNam Country Page=OLPC VietNam| Country=VietNam| Code=VN| Wikipedia=VietNam| Support=2| Deployment=2| Keyboard=VietNamese Layout| Spoken=VietNamese (vn)| Written=VietNamese (vn)| Written2 = English (en)| Spoken2=English (en)}}

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