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Welcome to the OLPC and Sugar Labs Wiki Team

The Wiki-gang is an ad-hoc group that maintains pages and projects here on the wiki. We are mostly self organized, but we do have a mailing list and weekly meetings.

Tasks and Projects

The Wiki gang has the goals of:

  1. Making sure that information on the wiki can be found
  2. Making sure information on the wiki is sane and understandable
  3. Directing incoming traffic to specific pages, Portals, that explain and introduce
  4. Focusing our content to the uses of our visitors
  5. Increasing traffic to the wiki

The team does this by a variety of methods that you can collaborate in.


You are more than welcome to start on any of these tasks by yourself. Be Bold

For coordination we have a variety of channels: to ask questions, to find the most important open tasks, and to make sure that people aren't working at cross purposes


  • Special:Version shows installed software and extensions with extension functions, parser extension tags, & parser function hooks