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The viewpoints expressed hereunder do not necessarily reflect the opinion of OLPC.
This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

  1. XO is the name of the OLPC laptop
  2. XS is the abbreviation to point to the XServer.

One of the pillars from which the project gets its strength is from the combination of the XO working in tandem with a server. The server holds a big Hard Disk, so the XO's don't need to spend too much money on excessive storage capability. Idem for the processor: the XServer has a fast processor and holds the most frequently consulted websites by kids/youngsters on it's Hard Disk. The XServer delivers the data in easily digestable pieces to the XO's, so the total user experience is even better. XO's of course can surf the internet very well all by themselves, it's just that IF you have a class room / school situtation it would be stupid not to make use of the strenghts you have there: a group/class room situation, organized, structured environment where better allocation of resources is possible, leading to serious cost reductions: e.g. on internet connexion costs, hardware-costs, etc.