XO4 C1 C2 Changes

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These are the changes planned for the XO-4 C2 model, from the C1 prototypes. The list of changes made to the C1 prototypes as part of testing is the XO-4 C1 ECO list.

C1 Electrical Fixes

These changes fix problems in the C1 prototypes:


Steps need to be taken to protect Q8 (HDMI hot plug detect circuit) from ESD.

C1 Layout Fixes

Internal SD

The ground pads for the internal SD slot need thermal isolation from the ground plane.

CForth Serial Port

The ground pads for CN23 need thermal isolation from the ground plane.

C1 Mechanical Changes

Speaker Mounting

This was not fixed in the C1 laptop. It will be fixed in C2, even if it means delaying production (it was.)

Planned Feature Changes