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Thanks to all the donors who kindly pledged money.

Your pledges of support mean a great deal to us but the recent postponement of XOcamp 2 has thrown things a bit up in the air. If you contributed directly to Scott's fund, please write him to indicate how you would like your donation to be directed (or refunded), whether for a January conference, to SugarLabs, or elsewhere. Hopefully things will shake out in the next few days and we'll figure out how to best use the money.

Click here to donate with PayPal

(Paypal donations are via User:CScott's tiny web business, Ahuas Emigre Press; Paypal takes 2-3% off the top of your donation, email cscott at cscott.net if you'd prefer to send a check)

OLPC's travel budget for XOcamp 2 fell through, and they can't afford to get everyone to the XO camp who should be there. We need your help to get key folks from Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and South Africa to Boston. Christoph wrote an excellent OLPCnews story on the situation.

This page will track the status of the fundraising efforts. I'll list all the developers below who have made proposals for the XOcamp but can't attend, and as they add it, the cost of getting them to Boston. We'll also need volunteers to host them in your homes when they get to Boston; please add your name to the #Housing section below to volunteer.

Currently we have:

  • $3150 pledged (~5 speakers, at $600 each)
  • 5 housing spots (or flat spaces)


Click 'edit' and add your name here to pledge funds, or just use the paypal link above. Please leave some way to get in touch with you, or email that information privately to cscott at cscott.net

  • User:CScott (cscott at cscott.net) has pledged $1000 for sugar developers
  • Michael Stone (michael at laptop.org) has pledged $1000 for speakers
  • Christoph ( christoph at olpcnews.com) has pledged $100 for anyone
  • User:Ohshima (yoshiki at vpri.org) has pledged $50 for anyone
  • An anonymous donor has pledged $800.
  • Peter Robinson pledged $50.
  • George Mavrothalassitis pledged $50.
  • Gary (gary at garycmartin dot com) has paypaled $100 for sugar developers


Click 'edit' and add your name here to pledge housing. Please leave some way to get in touch with you, or email that information privately to cscott at cscott.net

  • Michael Stone (michael at laptop.org) has pledged to house 2 friendly speakers.
  • Bill Bogstad can a twin bed in a basement.
  • Chris Ball has a flat space.
  • Henry Hardy has a flat space as well.
  • Mel Chua (and Chris Carrick) can take 2 guests - air mattress and sofa - and live 15min walking from the airport for those with weird flight times. (mel at laptop)

Adopt a speaker!

Please feel free to add anyone I've missed; I just compiled this quickly by scanning emails to devel@ and sugar@ with 'Proposal' in the title. If you're one of the listed developers, please add your location and the approximate cost of airfare, if you can determine it -- or remove yourself if you've made a proposal but aren't actually interested in attending, or can donate your own travel costs. I tried to roughly sort by number of proposals made (talks to be given).

Marco Pesenti Gritti (marcopg).
Core Sugar developer
Proposals: Desktop compatibility, Top Five performance problems, Web-based activities
From: Milan, Italy. Cost: booked for US$542.
Tomeu Vizoso
Core Sugar developer
Proposals: View source everywhere, others?
From: Prague, Czech Republic Cost: booked for US$720
Sayamindu Dasgupta (unmadindu)
Sugar developer/Translation lead
Proposals: Legacy compatibility, i18n and l18n in 9.1 and beyond
From: Kolkata, India Cost: $1400
Carlos Mauro
Proposals: MouseTrap for Sugar, Per-Country Sugar themes, Usability testing
From: ? Cost: ?
Martin Langhoff
School server developer
Proposals: Printing, School Server Update
From: ? Cost: ?
Mikus Grinbergs?
Proposals: Submitting homework, Control Panel improvements
Edward Cherlin
Proposals: Textbooks
From: Cupertino CA Cost: $400
Yamandu Ploskonka?
Proposals: Report Cards on XO, and Interfacing with Wetware, especially teacher training experiences, best practices, etc.
From: Austin, Texas Cost: ~$400
Jameson Quinn
Proposals: Develop activity. Also has meaningful contributions for "view source everywhere", "automated testing", and "ebook reader"
From: San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico; bus to Mexico City then plane. Cost: ~$700-$800