XO 1.75 Certifications

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This page contains safety and RF emission test reports and certifications for the XO-1.75 Laptop.



The XO-1.75 laptop has the membrane keyboard found on earlier XOs, but overlaid with a white plastic grid. It meets the following Safety certifications:

XO-1.75 HS

The XO-1.75 HS laptop has the traditional (non-membrane) keyboard, first introduced with the XO-1.5 HS.

EMC Test Reports

The testing strategy is to ensure compliance with both EU and FCC RF and EMI regulations. Most other countries in the world either accept the results of this testing for certification or have similar tests which can be passed if the EU/FCC standards are met.

CE/EU Certifications

Note that while we comply with all relevant EU standards for a (electronic) child's toy, we don't currently have a WEEE program in place in EU countries for the XO-1.75.

FCC/US Certifications

International Certifications

In addition to the US and the EU certifications listed above, certification for the following countries is already on file for the XO-1.75.






A hardware testing specification is used to certify that the laptop has acceptable robustness. The manufacturer, Quanta, certifies that samples of the laptop pass this specification. The XO-1.75 laptop used basically the same testing specification that was used for XO-1 and XO-1.5. The change was that the liquid spill test should be made with a hot beverage, recording the fact that a system programmer destroyed a prototype keyboard with hot coffee.

Battery Test Data

AC Adapter

  • Adapter Specification
  • 90v(-10%) ~ 240v(+25%), 35-60Hz, AC input
  • Safety: IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1 & CSA/UL 60950-1 qualified
  • Extra Transient and Burst Immunity: IEC 61000-4-4 passed
  • Extra Surge Immunity: IEC 61000-4-5 passed

Quality Control

The Quanta factory meets ISO 9001 standards: QSMC F6 ISO 9001 Certificate