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XO-4 Laptop Alpha test model 1, also known as A-test or A1.


The A1 was the first prototype of the XO-4. It was built using the Marvell Armada 610 SoC. (MMP2).

The number of boards built was small, and distribution was limited to hardware testing and OFW and Linux kernel driver development for the touchscreen.


  • Bare circuit board, no case or display
  • Metal covered MMP2 packaging
  • Rev. A motherboard


Software Support

  • The current EC Firmware release is
  • The current Open Firmware release is Q4D21. As with XO-1.75, Open Firmware and the EC firmware are separate --- Open Firmware contains a recent version of the EC firmware and will automatically update an older version given two sources of power, but a more recent version may actually be programmed into the EC.
  • The current stable Linux image is 11.3.1.

It is strongly recommended that you have two sources of power (a charged battery and an external power source) when you upgrade your EC or Open Firmware. Failure to do so may require the use of an SPI programmer to recover your laptop.

From a software point of view, the A1 prototypes are identical to production XO-1.75 laptops, with the addition of a Neonode touchscreen controller.


There are no restrictions.


An HDMI Port is present on the motherboard, but not in a place where it is accessible when assembled into a laptop.


Supporting documentation for these boards (all in PDF):

Please note that production boards will likely have different pin mappings and connector locations.

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