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The Austin Laptop Lending Library

What for?

Want/need to borrow an XO laptop?

contact us!

How do I apply?

in person

This happens mostly at XO Austin meetings or XOware meetings. To sponsor an XOware meeting, please follow that link.

by mail

  • be the first to apply!

and help us figure out policies email AustinXOlibrary at gmail.com

To Do

big questions right now are

how do we assure many happy returns for loaners?

  • FOAF policies is one way to go, but that obviously is limited.
  • Lots of publicity so everyone in town (or TX) knows what the XO looks like and that it is supposed to be with the lending library. Show a marked machine in the pictures (TV coverage too) so that Contributor's and G1G1 donors won't get hassled.
This has been remarked as bound to backfire, but then, it's Nicholas Mail Truck theory.
  • Mark the outside of the case permanently and prominently with some type of very colorful indelible marker or paint.
in Texas we brand with a hot iron. No joke, that would be a no-nonsense permanent mark, very visible, that I have been considering for Bolivia.
  • Mark inconspicuously inside the battery compartment.
  • Require that borrowers fill out a form citing responsibility for the machine while it is checked out to them and promising to replace it "in kind" if it is lost, stolen. or damaged due to negligence.
It has to be simple, but good. Not to punish the honest, but keep safe from the other kind...

how do we avoid this taking more work/resources than we can afford?

  • Some sort of a fee is an idea (we are not funded by taxes as public libraries are...)
  • maybe long-term loans so the turnover would be slow. Ask borrowers to handle getting it to the next borrower?


Standard loans will be of a month each. One-week loans might be possible for groups.

A policy for possible renewals will be drafted later.


  • kids will be able to explore and use the laptops. They are encouraged to report on their experience.
  • grownups get an opportunity for an initial "get-acquainted" phase. You may then move on to deeper commitment with development projects as part of the Contributor program.
  • The existence of the Library also will allow many other people to become more in tune with the OLPC possibilities, encouraging donors and advocates.
    Every user is encouraged to become connected with OLPC initiatives.

Help Coordinate!

Initially Yamaplos (Yama Ploskonka) will run this initiative, but the more the merrier!