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XO-1 Laptop preproduction test model CTest-1, also known as C1.


This prototype build of 300 laptops was done as a test of the manufacturing process on the main production line in early August, 2007.

Changes from the BTest-4 build were:

  • Slip resistance rubber feet were added as were more easily replaceable bunny ears (just two screws per ear after bezel removal).
  • The hinge stop that appeared in B3/B4 was reduced (this is used to stop the display close to perpendicular before it tilts back further).
  • Bean texture was applied to the exterior white parts and "satin" texture to the the rest of the laptop plastic parts.


Identical to mass production in all physical details except that the retaining "bumps" for the antenna ears (part of the green plastic bumpers at the side of the display unit) are not spring-loaded. They are just bumps the same as B4 and earlier.

CTest-1 laptops have a label under the battery that says C-TEST-SAMPLE.

Software Support

CTest-1 laptops work with current software releases.

As they may experience hardware problems with extensive suspend/resume current software releases prevents suspend/resumes on C1s.


  • There may be times when the WLAN (USB) hangs (possibly made worse by suspend/resume) (Trac #1752, #4476)
  • Power cycling the DCON is liable to crash the laptop. This power cycling will occasionally happen in response to a DCON bug triggered by suspend/resume (#4479);

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