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XO ImageQuiz is an open-source game for kids aged 6-14 with a simple concept: one question, one image, one click; becoming one of the greatest learning experiences of the future :-)

  • Learning Tool (Demo)
    • Kids can explore, create, share and translate questions
    • Mess around with the database: create, delete, download and share bundles
    • Play single-player games with flashcard-system or just a plain quick quiz-game
    • Multi-player games over the mesh - either vs or in coop mode
    • Extend the game by plugins they create (and share) or download via web / mesh / schoolserver
    • Get introductive reading and further links for each question
  • Teaching Tool
    • Teachers can easily build individual question-packages accompanying their lessions (and share / download them)
    • Resarching a topic and creating questions for subtopics, as well as engaging in those of other groups, can be part of classes and homeworks

git clone git://dev.laptop.org/projects/xo-quiz


  • Usability: Easy to use tool for learning and teaching
  • Interactivity: Messing around with all parts of the activity is encouraged and simplified
  • Collaboration: Create, download and share questions, and have multi-player games
  • Localization: Supporting all languages (unicode) and providing ways to translate questions (in-game & gettext)
  • Extensiblity: Categories and their images can be shared over internet, schoolserver and mesh
  • Balance: Easy, medium and hard questions, each for different ages
  • Modular Layout: Written as a plugin framework; even the game-modes are plugins
  • Constructive: Building up knowledge with fun and system
  • XO Featured: Integrating the xo-cam, mesh and the users friends
  • Categorized: like arts, astronomy, food, geography, health, technics, wildlife, ...

Xoquiz astro.gif



The activity for the xo will be written in Python using:


The current source-code is available via git from dev.laptop.org:

git clone git://dev.laptop.org/projects/xo-quiz


* November 07: - Finishing the web-application
               - Start of Python Activity

* December 07: - Building basic high-quality database
               - Start of Single Player

* January 08:  - Single Player Mode

* February 08: - Tests and Multiplayer

* March 08:    - Final Design and Testing

* April 08:    - Release of version 1.0


  • Chris Hager (Austria) (chris(at)linuxuser.at)
  • Georg Witwer (Austria)
  • OLPC Austria


We are looking for people with:

  • Python knowledge
  • Design / Layout experience
  • Time to create a few questions
  • Ideas for the concept

If you have any of those, and are willing to contribute a few hours, please drop me a line: chris (at) linuxuser.at

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