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XO Korea is developing ONLY a game: XO City, & NO relation with the OLPC Foundation.
  • This page is about an educational content for children.


Open Enterprise Architecture (OEA) is an open source version of Federal Enterprise Architecture(FEA) of the USA government. According to the USA Whitehouse, to transform the USA Federal government to one that is citizen-centered, results-oriented, and market-based, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is developing the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), a business-based framework for government-wide improvement.

A BUSINESS-DRIVEN APPROACH In contrast to many failed “architecture” efforts in the past, the FEA is entirely business-driven. Its foundation is the Business Reference Model, which describes the government’s Lines of Business and its services. This business-based foundation provides a common framework for improvement in a variety of key areas such as:

  • Budget Allocation
  • Information Sharing
  • Performance Measurement
  • Budget / Performance Integration
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration
  • E-Government
  • Component-Based Architectures

We, OLPC Korea, are now transforming FEA into OEA for every nation to utilize that enterprise architecture for more efficient governmental services of their own nations.


At a first grance, OLPC and OEA are quite different ones, and why is OEA described here? Once again, there are two reasons here. First, the Korean government is now integrating all IT resources in the nation into one standard enterprise (or IT) architecture. Secondly, we (OLPC Korea) DON'T regard education IN school and that OUT school as different ones. Governments also are good places for children to learn the world. So, we hope to provide children with contents such as;

  • the basic concept of governments
  • the concrete process of each governmental service being provided
  • the method of participating in governmental activities as citizens or preliminary governmental employee

Via OEA, we are writing a set of educational contents on MOODLE, naming;

  • what is government, what is budget
  • who are governmental employees, who set the procedure of governmental services, who give the right of governmental power to governmental employees
  • how governmental services are provided, how governmental employees are recruited,
  • where is government physically or in Web
  • when budget is determined
  • why we need governments, a particular governmental organization, a particular division or a particular personnel

Further, via OEA, we hope to establish virtual governmental organizations (divisions and desks also) in the Web where children can visit and participate without limits. Children can see the workflow of each governmental section, can see source code of each governmental operation, can add codes on it or can modify it. We call it participation. That also is the motto of the Korean government.

OEA and business

Via OEA, we are extending the FEA to include not only governmental sections but private (or business) sections also. By establishing a set of standard operations (processes) of various business sectors, children can learn directly from the world rather than via the interpretation of other persons (or teachers) about what the world is like.

Based on UNSPSC (UN Standard Product and Service Classification), children can visit any of 20,789 UNSPSC categories and 200,000+ concrete business sectors to learn how business is done. Children may visit a cart factory to see how carts are made and sold in market, or a semiconductor research center to learn how a semiconductor like x86 or a Marvell chip is designed by company researchers.

See details about Business on Moodle.

OEA and schools

We think a school is a kind of interpretation system where some skilled persons deliver knowledge to children about what the world is like. However, OEA is designed as a direct route for children to reach the world itself. Via OEA, we hope they can Not JUST learn about the world, BUT participate in it ALSO.