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  • Notice: The content below is just a trial of Korean society, rather than a concrete task plan or schedule. When any becomes a real mission, it will be posted on Public Announcement of XO Korea.

If you want to see the Software plan of OLPC, see Software.

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Software development is not a focus of XO Korea, and we are just trying to localize XO Activities and Content for Korea.

  • localizing www.laptop.org and wiki.laptop.org: 60% done
  • localizing SUGAR UI: not started
  • localizing Activities: not started

XO Korea is localizing Non-XO applications also.

  • Moodle: 70% done

However, XO Korea is actively developing some extensions for XO-based software, most being in their early stages. Please keep interests on them.

The main focus of XO Korea towards software development is to establish Open Enterprise Architecture.

Extensions or Server Side Modules for

For AbiWord

XO Sheet

XO Base

Moodle extensions

Open Enterprise Architecture

Open Enterprise Architecture Performance Reference Model Business Reference Model Data Reference Model Service Component Reference Model Technical Reference Model


XO City

This is a game idea. XO City is similar to SimCity, and based on it, but some features are rather different.

  • using Google Earth to select a site to build a city.
  • using real climate information of the site
  • using real economic data of the region
  • using real business modules for city construction, see Activities.

See XO City for details.

Mesh network

We need softwares to manage national mesh network composed of XO laptops (and its variations) and servers. Internet gateway do most of network managements, but how to manage more than 50,000,000 XO users? One of the important issues is how to bill XO users for using national information superhighway liking city to city.

See Network Management Modules for detail.


슈가 액티비티 리스트
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일반적 웹 서비스
XO 포탈 웹 포탈 서비스
XO 뉴스 어린이 뉴스
XO TV 어린이 방송
XO 검색 어린이 검색
비즈니스 학습
XO Bank 어린이 은행
XO Exchange 어린이 증권거래
XO Government 어린이 정부
XO Insurance 어린이 보험