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The content below is for Game development.

XO Korea expects about 100,000 business servers will be distributed in Korea in 5 years from now (June, 2007). The main purpose of those servers is to provide various IT resources necessary to establish a new business framework; One server represents one independent business. So, there will be more than 100,000 new corporations in 5 years.

Those corporations (so called, XO Corporations) have some peculiar features different from current ordinary companies;

  • They are open source based: standard business workflows are being written by open source communities, and they will be managed openly, transparently, and on XO.
  • Half the ownership (shares) of each company is owned by XO Foundations. The revenue or income of those XO Foundations shall be expensed openly and transparently to ;
    1. Promote open source development
    2. Establish and maintain public facilities of XO Communities of XO Cities
  • They are all IT companies regardless of industrial classification it belongs in UNSPSC; all XO like corporations
  • Energy efficient and Eco-friendly ones: they always participate in Climate Savers' activities.
  • They form One Corporation: XO Business Group
  • Their shares are traded in XO Exchange 24hrs/365days via XO Network.

Under Open Enterprise Architecture, XO Korea is now establishing a framework in which the standard workflow of each business can be set.

Below is the list of business categories belong to the title category. All categories are hierarchically organized; Tier 1 ~ Tier 6. Each item in each tier has its own standard business type, and Tier 1 encompasses Tier 2 and so on.

When the location and other requirements are met, then link to page for any server below will be made. Those server pages will contain information about the follow functions or data (most are statistics related;

  1. the constitution of company established & corporation ID
  2. sever location and details about server operation; software modules/objects used under OEA, hardware specification, server management etc.
  3. economic aspects of the industry which the company represents; full description of the industry, values produced by the industry in a given society/region/nation, the mean/median/mode productivity of employees etc.
  4. job/work description in detail: what kinds of works done in the company/industry, etc.
  5. standard workflow written in Python, eToy, Squeak, and Smalltalk (YAWL like)
  6. employees; educational backgrounds of employees, mean/median/mode working period
  7. expected initional public offering at XO Korea/xo exchange
  8. board of directors
  9. financial statements (starting balance sheet)
  10. long-term financial plan
  11. expected income statements for 5 years
  12. related laws and regulations

For full descripion of the game, see XO City.

Each item in the list below will have 1~30 subcategories, each of which will have its own standard corporation type.