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How to Finance

Each organization (schools, governments, corporations, and other entities) shall pay their price directly to the OLPC Foundation (or its designated bank) in advance. The role of XO Korea is just summing up orders from various organizations until a predefined quantity is reached (i.e., 250,000 units) and putting an order to the OLPC Foundation when necessary.

If the OLPC Foundation do NOT produce the XO variations (Larger XO, XO Smartphone, and Mesh Phone which XO Korea hope to distribute in Korea, those products shall be handled by XO Korea through the Open Sales mechanism.

  • Each organization (including schools) shall pay the price of XOs they need in advance. We expect over 95% of that price can be gathered directly from parents or persons who will use those machines.
  • Among the 5% left, we expect more than 95% can be gathered from alumni of those schools.
  • The left 5% of the 5% (equals 0.25% of the price) will be provided via XO Korea or directly by donators.

Any expenses necessary for the operation and other activities of XO Korea shall be gathered from donations via the pay if you want, and as much as you like to program of XO Korea, and all those contributions shall be expensed based on Open Expense mechanism.