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Research Fields, Courses and Disciplines (RFCD) classification

Science (General)
Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (General)
Mathematical Sciences Mathematics Statistics Other Mathematical Sciences
Physical Sciences Astronomical Sciences Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics Atomic and Molecular Physics; Nuclear and Particle Physics; Plasma Physics Optical Physics Classical Physics Other Physical Sciences
Chemical Sciences Physical Chemistry (Incl. Structural) Inorganic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Macromolecular Chemistry Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Other Chemical Sciences
Earth Sciences Geology Geophysics Geochemistry Oceanography Hydrology Atmospheric Sciences Other Earth Sciences
Biological Sciences Biochemistry and Cell Biology Genetics Microbiology Botany Zoology Physiology Ecology and Evolution
Biological Sciences Biotechnology Other Biological Sciences
Information, Computing and Communication Sciences Information Systems Artificial Intelligence and Signal and Image Processing Computer Software Computation Theory and Mathematics Data Format Other Information, Computing and Communication Sciences
Engineering and Technology Industrial Biotechnology and Food Sciences Aerospace Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Automotive Engineering Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Chemical Engineering Resources Engineering
Engineering and Technology Civil Engineering
Engineering and Technology Electrical and Electronic Engineering Geomatic Engineering Environmental Engineering Maritime Engineering Metallurgy Materials Engineering Biomedical Engineering
Engineering and Technology Computer Hardware Communications Technologies Engineering Interdisciplinary Studies Other Engineering and Technology
Agricultural, Veterinary and Environmental Sciences Soil and Water Sciences Crop and Pasture Production Horticulture Animal Production Veterinary Sciences Forestry Sciences Fisheries Sciences
Agricultural, Veterinary and Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences Land, Parks and Agriculture Management Other Agricultural, Veterinary and Environmental Sciences
Architecture, Urban Environment and Building Architecture and Urban Environment Building XO Korea/los/collegeOther Architecture
Medical and Health Sciences Medicine - General Immunology Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry Medical Microbiology Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences Medical Physiology Neurosciences
Medical and Health Sciences Dentistry Optometry Clinical Sciences Nursing Public Health and Health Services Complementary/Alternative Medicine Human Movement and Sports Science
Medical and Health Sciences Other Medical and Health Sciences
Education Education Studies Curriculum Studies Professional Development of Teachers Other Education XO Korea/los/college/
Economics Economic Theory Applied Economics Economic History and History of Economic Thought Econometrics Other Economics
Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Business and Management Banking, Finance and Investment Transportation Tourism Services Other Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
Policy and Political Science Political Science Policy and Administration Other Policy and Political Science
Studies in Human Society Sociology Social Work Anthropology Human Geography Demography History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine Other Studies in Human Society
Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences Psychology Linguistics Cognitive Science Other Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences
Law, Justice and Law Enforcement Law Professional Development of Law Practitioners Justice and Legal Studies Law Enforcement Other Law, Justice and Law Enforcement
Journalism, Librarianship and Curatorial Studies Journalism, Communication and Media Librarianship Curatorial Studies Other Journalism, Librarianship and Curatorial Studies
The Arts Performing Arts Visual Arts and Crafts Cinema, Electronic Arts and Multimedia Design Studies Other Arts
Language and Culture Language Studies Literature Studies Cultural Studies Other Language and Culture
History and Archaeology Historical Studies Archaeology and Prehistory Other History and Archaeology
Philosophy and Religion Philosophy Religion and Religious Traditions Other Philosophy and Religion