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YAWL is a Workflow/BPM system. Based on a concise and powerful modelling language; YAWL handles complex data, transformations & Web Service integration. Built in Java, it uses XML Schema, XPath/Query, & XForms natively. It is compatible with SOAP & WSDL.

XO Korea uses YAWL to visually diagram workflow of any function or service, including those of governmental business sections.

Before you participate in writing codes for e-Governments or e-Business modules, it is strongly recommended to read three kinds of documents below.

  • YAWL: what is YAWL and how to use it.
  • XO Korea/oea: what is Open Enterprise Architecture and how to use it.
  • XO Korea/workflow description of each target service or function: in-depth description of the module desired to be written.