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Formerly known as OLPC miniconferences, XOcamps are 2-5 day events bringing people together to present and formulate ideas for XO tools, related research, and plans for the future.

Upcoming XOcamps

November 2008

Nov 19-21, a set of discussions intended for the original timing of XOcamp 2 will be held in Cambridge; locations TBA. See Sugar meetings/November 2008 for plans for that week.

January 2009

for details, see XOcamp 2

This week-long event will help frame our long-term software development efforts. In addition, we will work on prioritizing requirements, features and goals for the next major feature release called XO Software Release 9.1.0.

Please submit proposals for topics to cover. These may include, but are not limited to:

- Top concerns and requirements of users and countries including reviews of available feedback
- Learning priorities and tools needed to support them
- Technologies, applications and software design proposals
- Process and infrastructure proposals
- Current and needed research

Past XOcamps

April 2008

A miniconference was held for three days at the Cambridge offices, covering current topics in OLPC development. It was videotaped, and much content is available at April 2008 Conference.