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The bootloader can be installed using another Arduino, first install the Arduino IDE onto your laptop:

sudo yum install arduino

you are then given the option of upgrading to version 1.0.1, note where you save to (in my case /home/olpc/arduino-1.0.1/), version21 starts from the Gnome Applications menu but to start version 1.0.1 do the following:

$ su
bash-4.1# /home/olpc/arduino-1.0.1/arduino

The programming technique is described at [1] but the pins are different, see the diagrams below



  • Connect the host Arduino to your computer
  • Connect the Arduino and XOrduino together according to the table and diagram above, also +5V and ground
  • Start the Arduino IDE
  • Load arduinoISP from the examples
  • Tools/board to match the Arduino being used as a programmer
  • Upload
  • Tools/board Leonardo (the XOrduino)
  • Tools/Programmer Arduino as ISP
  • Tools/Burn bootloader

If the burning of the bootloader is successful, the yellow LED on the XOrduino will end up flashing once a second.