XS-XO Interactions

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Overview of interactions between the laptops and their servers

The following is a high level view of how and where the XO and XS talk to each other.

Service Laptop Server Protocol Notes
School Identity Manager sugar: src/hardware/schoolserver.py idmgr: idmgr/server.py XMLRPC, port 8080 Server expects serial number, nickname, uuid, SSH pubkey; replies with success, backupurl, backuppath, jabberserver.
Ds-backup users/martin/ds-backup: client/* users/martin/ds-backup: server/* HTTP query, followed by rsync over ssh. Client and server are in the same repository.
Activation/ XS-activation susers/cscott/olpcrd-rootskel: rc-olpc/activate.py users/dbagnall/xs-activation: xs-activation-server Socket on port 191. Used for initial activation.
XS-rsync olpc-update users/martin/xs-rsync.git rsync Publishes XO software updates and potentially other stuff.
Presence Service Telepathy Gabble eJabberd and projects/gadget jabber
XO updater/ Software update users/cscott/sugar-update-control Apache and XS-activity-server http Mostly bypasses XS for now, going straight to e.g. wiki.laptop.org.
Web content Browse Apache, Moodle, etc http
Mundane services
DNS, DHCP, RADVD Bind, DHCPd Bind is unloved and may be replaced.
NTP ntp
Open but unused(?) XS ports
Erlang Port Mapper Daemon epmd TCP port 4369 This seems to be started with ejabberd.