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The install.ks files are designed to be introduced into Fedora's or CentOS's installer environment. The anaconda installer uses a method known as kickstart and we use that method to provide our information for the automated install. In a nutshell we need to get install.ks into the installer. Please refer to the kickstart documentation from your distro for full details.

One way is to place install.ks on a flashdrive and know the device's label. Hint with the key mounted:

ls /dev/disk/by-label/

screenshot coming

Now boot the install iso with the usbkey inserted, hit tab at the splash screen and append after quite:


replacing <label> with your device's label

screenshot coming

Reboot when completed. Once rebooted login to the administrative console at http://schoolserver/admin or http://WAN_IPADDRESS/admin (username:xsce-admin password:g0adm1n -- note the numbers 0,1)

OPTIONS There are other options that could be set but are left # out that could be enabled for a fully automated install. Note that there are different files for 32-bit machines. Not supported on CentOS-i386 until further testing occurs.

If you're after a bootable usbkey use alter.sh with the net-install iso for your distro.

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