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These are the specific services that the School server will provide. A general overview of these services is available. Additional services under consideration for deployment are listed separately. Service meta issues such as installation and management are discussed on School server specifics.


For each service, the following information is provided:

  • DNS Name: The unqualified name of the host providing the service. These are always relative to the local domain provided by DHCP
  • Protocol/Port: The IP protocol (e.g. TCP, UDP, RTP) and port used by the service
  • Interfaces: Which network interfaces will the service be provided over. This is usually either all interfaces or all interfaces but the WAN interface (connected to the Internet)

Starting & Stopping

A service may be started or stopped using:

service <name> start 
service <name> stop

The current operating status of a service is checked using:

service <name> status

OLPC Specific Services

Identity Manager

  • DNS Name: schoolserver
  • Protocol/Port: TCP/8080
  • Interfaces: All but WAN and tunnel
  • Service Name: idmgr

This is the School Identity Manager. It registers laptops with the school server(s), enabling backups to that school server. It also provides the presence service information for the laptop.

Network Services

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

  • DNS Name: Special discovery protocol
  • Protocol/Port: UDP/67
  • Interfaces: All but WAN and tunnel
  • Service Name: dhcpd

The DHCP service is provided to assign network addresses (and provide DNS information) to devices on the school network.

Route Advertisement

  • DNS Name: Special discovery protocol
  • Protocol/Port: IPv6-ICMP (protocol 58)
  • Interfaces: All but WAN and tunnel
  • Service Name: radvd

The Route Advertisement service (RADVD) is the IPv6 replacement for DHCP.

Domain Name System

  • DNS Name: IP address provided by DHCP and RADVD mechanisms
  • Protocol/Port: TCP/53
  • Interfaces: All but WAN
  • Service Name: named

A Domain Name System (DNS) server is provided for the school network. This is primarily used to locate services on the school network.

The IP address of the closest DNS server (there may be multiple on the mesh) is provided by DHCP.

Network Time

  • DNS Name: time
  • Protocol/Port: UDP/123
  • Interfaces: All but WAN
  • Service Name: ntp

The network time service in order to assure that all laptops in a school have a common perception of the date and time.

Content & Communication Services

Web Server

  • DNS Name: www, school, schoolserver
  • Protocol/Port: TCP/80, TCP/443
  • Interfaces: All
  • Service Name: httpd

Presence Server

  • DNS Name: presence
  • Protocol/Port: TCP/5222, possibly TCP/5269 (inter-server comms)
  • Interfaces: All
  • Service Name: ejabberd

Secure Shell

  • DNS Name: school, schoolserver
  • Protocol/Port: TCP/22
  • Interfaces: All
  • Service Name: sshd