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Activity-x.svg X Activity: An X11 desktop
A very basic desktop for running regular X11 applications

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Download: X-1.xo (v.1)
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Tags: x11
Development Status: Alpha

This provides an X desktop as activity. The bundle contains Xephyr, blackbox, and xterm.

Initial version by Bert 12:59, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

Contributions welcome. There is no source code to speak of except for the tiny shell script in the XO bundle referenced above (which I license under MIT).

~There seems to be something wrong with this script, as Blackbox refuses to take my custom configs. Is there a fix? I tried changing the script to point to the correct blackboxrc file but it still doesn't seem to want to take my config files. Echo35 : 11/12/08

There are a some prior attempts at such an activity:

In particular the last one sounds nice because it provides the typical Sugar tool bar, but we have not heard back from Patrick since that one email. Would love to see that code merged here.