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Who Are We?

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The Youth Energy Initiative (YEI) is an educational non-profit, (501c3) organization established in 2004 to educate children of all ages on how to "live green" be creating, supporting and promoting Energy Convservation, Energy Awareness, and Enviromental Sustainability initiatives and programs.

Marc Sabourin, Ph.D., a leader in the development of energy-efficient industrial technologies. An advocate for energy conservation and education, Dr. Sabourin is committed to helping today’s youth build a promising future and a safe and sustainable environment. His efforts are based on a the following goals – improving global energy efficiency and ensuring a healthy living standard for present and future generations.


Our Initiative is directed and operated by a diverse group of professional volunteers and students from the Energy, Government, University, Art and Entertainment Communities. Many of our Board and staff have careers committed to energy-efficiency and enviromental sustainability. In fact, one of our founders is personally responsible for saving over six billion kilowatt hours of electricity through his invention as patents over the last decade alone!

YEI, along with its partners and affiliates, develops, creates and licenses animations, interactive presentations, video games, websites, activity clubs, public serivce announcements, illistrative books, comics and other educational materials. These variousmedia vernues are the most effective ways to reach out to youth and the public. Our goal is to use these entertaining and cutting edge media products to educate and inspire our nations yourthe take action and start living more energy efficient and greener life styles today and into the future.

Our production team is developing an animated cast and cartoon series based on six energy saving Super Heros that are always on the lookout for their energy wasting archrivals: Blackout, Dr. Drain, and the Energy Pirates. These amazing and fun-filled characters are at the heart of our energy initiative and the driving force behind all of our messages. Utilizing the educational media and creative content inspired and taught by these characters. YEI hopes to become the world's largest youth initiative dedicated to our enviroment and saving energy. With support from the general public and other energy conscious companies and organizations like the Department of Energy (DOE) and General Electric (GE) we are committed and determind to reach our energy saving goals. YEI is devoted to showing chldren that saving energy and living green can be a fun and rewarding pursuit that benefits their world and thier future.

YEI Blue Print

The YEI Blueprint for Energy Conservation is administered in several ways:

Public Service Advertising – television and print ads that will convey energy conservation messages for kids using the computer animated Galactic Energy Force superheroes. Created by professional artists and students in degreed art programs, these PSAs (Public Service Announcements) will be built using a fun-filled cast of energy superheroes to rally kids into saving energy.

Galactic Energy Force Website designed as an interactive place for kids to get to know the energy champions, learn about how to preserve energy, and join the Galactic Energy Force Club. (Coming Soon!)

Galactic Energy Force Club – launch club promoting children and their families to adopt a more energy conscious lifestyle. This club is formulated to increase participation in local energy utility programs and community events. The Galactic Energy Force Club gives youngsters an opportunity to learn about energy and track their status as a power saver through various types of activities completed. Positive reinforcement will come in the form of recognition and rewards as kids move from one level to the next. (Coming Soon!)

A Little More

A Platform for Progressive Organizations Youth Energy Initiative was also established as a platform to help progressive companies and institutions sponsor and inform today’s generation about how their products and services can save energy and help the environment. Our initiative is about spreading energy stewardship by example and informing the public about the consequences of irresponsible energy use.

Students Helping Kids Prepare for the Future A unique aspect of Youth Energy Initiative is that we utilize professional artists and instructors in combination with very talented students from professional art institutes to create our animation and educational products. Using this approach, students apply their artistic talents directly to an important cause. Students are more in tune with the interests of younger individuals and our program gives them an opportunity to help influence their lives.

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