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See also Art Wanted for projects needing/wanting some art.
Name Experience and Training OLPC Interests Other Comments
Nikki Basic Photoshop, digital painting, and vectorization. Very little formal training; mostly self-taught. Graphic design, interface design, game art, organization. I don't know a lot (comparatively speaking) but I have decent intuition and like to learn new things.
Mel Digital photography, digital painting, photoshop, vector graphics Engineer. Art specialty is "how-to" diagrams (illustrative wordless comic strips in place of directions) Working mostly full-time on OLPC content, but willing to chip in art once in a while
Marisa Basic functions on archaic versions of Photoshop, some digital painting. Self-taught public artist. Any fundamentally artistic challenges/hurdles. I don't know if I could take on learning new graphics programs, but I'd be happy to provide art for whatever.
Eduardo Pixel and vector graphics,(icons, logos & ilustrations). Flash + html + video creation and editing. Trying to finish computer multimedia design course. Still unsure. I'm open to new ideas which touch my experience.
Joe Digital painting/illustration, 3D modeling/rendering/animation Game art, icons, small well-defined projects
you your experience/training your interests within the scope of the project anything else you want to tell us