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Archives: Content meetings/Summer 2007

December 1, 2007

Rough agenda:

1. Libraries
 - Manual : where to insert this in the process?
   : find name for manual/guide package by Friday6
   : convert to convenient html ebook -- set style for "1 page" of text
   : art requests to Art Team and User:Nlee/User:Leejc
 - XO library : process and testing
   : style guide; add update/removal notes to manual
 - XS library : (schoolserver) activities for teachers; making large bundles
   : Add note about this to the manual 

2. Style
 - Creator guidelines : how-tos in the simplified manual, scripts,
           style guidelines (writing for translators, for children)
 - Reviewer guidelines : copyright, trademark, photo releases
3. Testing
 - Library testing -- how to emulate and review bundles
 - Library process -- style for bundles, reviewing steps and groups
 - Status levels for bundles : community curation of "stable" bundles

4. Community content projects
 - Our Stories launch, country connections
 - Report update, Knight grant, Uguruay/Brasil input
 - AMADIS reuse
5. Winter projects
 - SoCon, bundle wishlists; iCommons update
 - December gathering; DC meetup;
 - Community outreach : G1G1 project via OSU

6. Media status
 - Flash and Gnash
 - Audio, ogg and mp3 and wav; using Record
 - Video, ogg and other; using Record
 - Etoys projects
 - Books: pdf and html, outstanding issues