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This page will help you get a look at the XO software, by running a "virtual XO" in an emulator. Another option is burning a LiveCd.

What to expect

This "virtual XO" was created as a software development tool. It is not intended for general use, and many things will not work. It is "just to get a taste" (and to help software developers). With time and people constraints, we are focused tightly on the real XO.

  • The camera and video will not work.
  • Things are slower than on the actual machine. If you are unable to install qemu's kqemu accelerator, very much slower.
  • You will see a snapshot of the past. The instructions will have you download the "latest stable build", which is sometimes quite a few weeks old. Development is very rapid. So things will be missing or different compared with the present.
  • While rapidly maturing, this is still "alpha" software.
  • TamTam, the popular music program, will likely not work (no sound).

Two steps

First, download olpc-redhat-stream-development-devel_ext3.img.bz2. It is in this directory.

Second, get the qemu emulator which will run the image:

You should now have a running "virtual XO".

Running for the first time

Sugar Instructions will help you get oriented. Though you may not need it.

Getting networking working requires some extra steps. See Network setup.