Enabling CUPS

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Peter Krenesky, from the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University, has verified that cups is installable and works on the XO over a traditional wireless network with the following steps from the Terminal activity:

1. Install CUPS:

su -
yum install cups.i386

2. Configure your printer by editing (See example below):


3. Restart CUPS:

/etc/init.d/cups restart

4. Print using the lpr command:

lpr -P fooprinter foodoc.ps

(In the above example, the printer name is "fooprinter" and the document being printed is "foodoc.ps".)

The long-term plan is a Sugar integration, but in a pinch this should get you started. Of course, the option remains to copy your files to a USB stick and print from another machines.

Example entry in printers.conf

<Printer fooprinter>
DeviceURI ipp://

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