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About Tony Pearson


Tony Pearson is an IT Storage Consultant for IBM in Tucson, Arizona - USA. He is a "Day 1 Donor" for the OLPC G1G1 program. Blog postings about OLPC and XO laptop on his blog: [Inside System Storage]


Arizona XO Users Group in Tucson:


OLE Nepal

It was a pleasure working with the team in Nepal to deploy the server infrastructure

  • XF Firewall/Cache/Filter using Squid and Dansguardian
  • XS School server database using Apache,MySQL,PHP, and Moodle
  • XB Backup server using rsnapshot


EduBlog for Ceibal (Uruguay)

The Educational_Blogger_Project is focused on trying to get kids to blog. My contribution is to build a test server as a development platform.

Hardware details

Software details

[EduBlog Beta Server] is now operational!

Scripts and Configs

This section contains scripts and config files I have developed or modified: user:az990tony/scripts

This has the iptables for XF and XS machines: user:az990tony/iptables

This has the files for creating backups: user:az990tony/backup

Backing up the school server itself: Backup-and-Restore-Using-SysRescueCD

Customizing the XS ISO CD: User:Az990tony/squashfs-surgery

Customizing the SysRescCD to use with XS School Server User:Az990tony/Customizing-SysRescCD-for-XS

Books and other resources

  • Book [Fedora 7 Unleashed] an excellent guide on Fedora 7 as a server, with chapters on networking, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, and Squid