Eugene XO User Group

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Please introduce yourselves here.

Once the XOs are here I suggest we get together and talk. Anyone want to suggest a venue? Let's organize and collect our thinking in Eugene discussion and Eugene meetings.

Add information you think we'll want to discuss below.


(12-20-07) Mine's here! I just returned from out of town and got busy with our little computer! - JKrauss

(12-20-07) Hey, JKrauss, I am still figuring out how to talk to you with THIS system, but it is showing up on the screen, so I must be on the right track. I even introduced myself. So you opened the box. Did it come with real instructions? - Weirdwilbur

12-22-07 I tried to sign up for the T-Mobile service and their page told me that "an error has occured, try again later". Now, that's funny. - Weirdwilbur