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Game Jam Brasil: São Carlos - 2007 | Porto Alegre - 2008

This Game Jam is scheduled to April 2008, at Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil. Information bellow are in Portuguese, any question, suggestion, please contact can also try to view with Google Translate. Past 2007 Game Jam can be found at Game Jam Brasil/2007

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Abril 2008 - Porto Alegre, RS

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What is this GameJam about?

GameJam 2008 is a competition where groups of developers try to implement in a short time, within less than 2 days, a game aimed to kids from 6 to 14 years old, to be used in a educational context. At the end of the competition there will be an evaluation comitee, established with children and by the Professor Léa Fagundes. They will elect the best development project based in the fun level of the application.

GameJam Goal

GameJam's goal is to arouse interest in developing games to the XO OLPC laptop platform, in such way that the number of developers for this platform can grow and new applications to support the project's purpose may arise to be developed.

Everybody is invited to apply to the GameJam 2008 and contribute to the community's growing engaging in research and development of this project, whose proposal is to revolutionize education in developing countries, by offering a low-cost tool to be used in the process of teaching and learning and the process of digital inclusion.

By using this tool, we aim to offer easier access to learners of the digital world, in which they can find resources for learning, such as educational content and supporting tools for creation and collaboration.

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The Challenge

The proposed challenge is to develop, in less than 30 hours, an electronic game to XO starting from scratch and deploy the game in one XO laptop provided for each team. The game development must be done in conventional machines, in which should already be installed, by the teams, the XO operational system emulator, that emulates the same system present in the XO environment. Also, each team, will have total access to their XO during the competition to deploy and test their application in a real environment.


A equipe vencedora será premiada com um laptop XO B4, que será enviado posteriormente por correio, pela OLPC. Destaca-se que os vencedores provavelmente terão que aguardar alguns meses para o recebimento do prêmio.


A competição é destinada a qualquer grupo de pessoas que desejem desenvolver artefatos de software para a plataforma XO - o laptop da OLPC.

Local e data

O evento será realizado durante o FISL 9.0 (fórum internacional do software livre) em abril deste ano. O local de desenvolvimento será livre e os grupos participantes poderão usar qualquer espaço físico disponível. O horário de início da competição será das 10:00 da manhã de sexta dia 18/04 e terminará as 16 horas da tarde de sábado dia 19/04.

Mais informações

Para saber detalhes sobre as regras do desafio, visite a seção Regulamento deste wiki.


Para contatar a equipe organizadora, você pode utilizar a área de discussão, encontrar qualquer um dos membros organizadores pelos canais do IRC ou se preferir por email, através de .