Game Jam Brasil/2008/Rules

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In order to be accepted to go on trial, the partipating groups' projects must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Create a game that can be used in the educational context, such as promoting alphabetization and/or collaboration among students, as well as their creativity. It is up to the group to consistently justify the possibilities of using the proposed game with a view to education.
  2. The usage of tools, libraries and art developed previously by the team will be allowed, provided that they are shared in advance through the wiki channel with the other participants of the GameJam 2008. The usage of libraries, images, sounds and videos from sources external to the project will be allowed only if they are licensed by the Open Source Initiative for code libraries and other licenses for free usage of artistic material.
  3. Use only free technology available in XO platform (Python, C, cairo, PyGame and others).
  4. The team must use their own computers/laptops
  5. deploy the application developed in the lent laptops for each team during the event
  6. Launch the game with a compatible license under Open Source Initiative, preferentially under one of OLPC recommendations, including all the digital content of the game, like images and audio
  7. Do not use inappropriate contents to the target audience from the games, in this case children from 6-14 years old.
  8. There are going to have children, the target audience of the game, in the beginning of the competition for any team that wish to have contact and/or discover the wishes from the children.
  9. The XO laptop lent should be returned untill the scheduled time for the competition's finish, with the game developed by the team properly installed.
  10. The XO laptop should have the game properly installed and will be considered as the final version and will be used by the judgment commission to evaluate(judge) the game.
  11. The team participants must have properly applied in the FISL 9.0 and the team should be present to the prize
  12. The result will be available in the end of the FISL 9.0.

Not following any of the rules described before will make the team unclassified in the next judgment step.

The event will accept inscriptions from teams in with the maximum of 4 teammates, and no one from the teammates can have link with the groups that are participating in the organization of the event.


The judgment from the best project will be made by a group of potential users of the developed game: children from 6-14 years old and from one specialist in education with computers. The children will be the judges and will use as main factor, it's satisfaction criteria. They will play, interact with the games and will choose their favorite one. The evaluation from the children will correspond to 70% of the final note. The other 30% will be attributed by the above-mentioned specialist taking in consideration the pedagogic potential of the system. The team and the game developed during the game jam should be in concordance with the rules here established.