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The concept of a Bot Interest Group is to coordinate actions by wiki users (mostly sysops and b-crats at this point) on implementing some automated tools to assist with any number of useful tasks around the wiki. It is not intended to be anything like the formal structure of the Wikipedia:Bot_Approvals_Group at the present time.

Countervandalism bot

The purpose of this section is to discuss the possibilities of getting some countervandalism software (bot) running to help address the increasing vandalism problem on this wiki (and also wiki.sugarlabs.org).

The links below show some results of an analysis performed to examine the nature of vandalsim on this wiki and the means by which is has been addressed historically. The conclusion is that some effort to get a countervandalism bot running seems merited.

Some ideas for what features would be desirable in an OLPC / Sugar Labs countervandalism bot are discussed on the OLPC:Bot Interest Group/Design page.

Other bot tasks

Bots are really just programs and scripts that can accomplish all manner of repetitive tasks on the wiki (categorization of multiple pages, etc.). SJ has proposed using the OLPC:Bots page for now as a place for users to post requests for bot-like tasks.