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November 3rd: Nicholas Negroponte speaking at Forrester's Consumer Forum in Chicago (audio only) media.podtech.net

October 4th: Mark J. Foster at Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium ee380.stanford.edu

September 12th: Walter Bender at Ars Electronica Simplicity (audio only) aec.at

August 29th: Chris Blizzard at Red Hat Summit (starts at 38 minutes and 35 seconds in the video) video.google.com

August 1st: Nicholas Negroponte keynote at TED tedblog.typepad.com

July 28th: OLPC booting with linuxbios youtube.com

July 25th: Nicholas Negroponte speaks at the Lecture Series of the Americas oas.org (speech in the third video, Q&A in the fourth) (5m42 into the speech video audio becomes better)

July 13th: NECC 2006, Nicholas Negroponte keynote (not complete), Dan Williams of Red Hat, video by eSchool News video.google.com

July 6th: NECC 2006, Nicholas Negroponte, David Thornburg, Ian Jukes interviews uoregon.edu

June 6th: Working Prototype video siliconvalleysleuth.com

May 30th: Michail Bletsas interview youtube.com

May 29th: Raoul Weiler presentation youtube.com

May 29th: Netsquared Conference at the Santa Clara Hilton, Raoul Weiler, Rolando Berger of Club of Rome youtube.com

May 23rd: OLPC demo in Boston google.com (51 seconds)

May 5th: WCIT Austin Texas, Nicholas Negroponte keynote wcitvideo.com

January 27th: Nicholas Negroponte audio-interview at the World Economic Forum forumblog.org


December 19th: Nicholas Negroponte on Charlie Rose TV show google.com

November 17th: Mary Lou Jepsen interview at the WSIS in Tunisia andycarvin.com

November 16th: Press Conference with Kofi Annan at the WSIS in Tunisia itu.int (at the bottom of the page)

September 28th: Nicholas Negroponte at the MIT mit.edu