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2007 status: green

Federal Republic of Nigeria
Capital Abuja
Official languages English,
Adamawa Fulfulde,
Central Kanuri,
Area 923,768 km²
 - 2005 estimate 128,765,768
 - 1999 census 88,992,220
 - Density 142/km²
 - Literacy (%) 68.0
 - Compulsory Years #NA
 - Compulsory Age #NA
 - Pop. in School Age ~#NA
 - Pop. in School ~#NA
GDP (PPP) 2005 est. USD 175 billion
 - Per capita USD 1,400
GDP (nominal) 2005 est. USD 77 billion
 - Per capita USD 598
HDI  (2006) 0.448 (low)
Gini Index  (1996-7) 50.6
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
Internet TLD .ng
Calling code +234
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OLPC Nigeria/Galadima

Languages needed for localization

Nigeria's official language is English along with Edo, Efik, Adamawa Fulfulde, Hausa, Idoma, Igbo, Central Kanuri and Yoruba, but there are more than 250 languages spoken in the country, Ethnologue even lists 510 spoken languages.

Most children learn English, compulsory from primary school onward, and Arabic. They would probably have a better learning experience when taught most topics in their native language. Secondary school is almost exclusively taught in English. Yoruba is the local language most used in schools in the south west from primary to Secondary school , but the language of instruction still remains English

There are already localization efforts in Nigeria's major languages, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. These languages use the African Reference Alphabet, which is covered by Unicode but requiring support for composed characters with diacritics (at both input and display level). More information about localization can be found at the PanAfrLoc Wiki. According to L'aménagement linguistique dans le monde, a third of the children between 12 and 17 attend school.


This is what the Pan-Nigerian font looks like:

It's a variant of the Latin alphabet with diacritic characters and a few extended characters as well.

For more info you can refer to Wikipedia Pan-Nigerian_Alphabet page.

See also

Fantsuam Foundation is pioneering the localization five minority languages: Tyap, Gorok, Jju, Koro and Fantsuam www.zittsourceforge.org, http://zitt.sf.net/zpage.html