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2007 status: orange

Welcome to the home of the OLPC Philippines group. We are a grassroots coalition of Filipinos living in the Philippines and abroad who are working to bring the OLPC project to Filipino children. Please join us and share your ideas! Feel free to edit this page and any other pages in the wiki if you have something you would like to share, or if you think you can make an improvement to the website.

Legally recognized as OLPCPH. The non-wiki site is at http://olpcph.multiply.com. There is also a group of supporters for OLPC Philippines at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8363657036

To join us, subscribe to the olpc-philippines mailing list and introduce yourself. We often send announcements and have discussions on this list. You can also post a comment to this page's discussion page. If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the Wikieducator tutorial (in English) or ask the mailing list for help.

What's New

22Dec 2007 Deadline for submission of Unang Liwanag's grant proposal to worldbank.org/ph see link [discussion] ~User:Chief_Mike
07Dec 2007 We are currently going to give you some things to do. Please create educational content in HTML, .png and some pdf format. We could have those emailed to Tim or host it somewhere. Right now we're moving next to things that needs attention. We haven't heard anything from DepEd yet. So those who have a greater access please do so. a But do not forget to report to the Mailing List. ~User:Wenmi01
14Nov 2007 IRC Channel #olpc-philippines successfully registered @ irc.oftc.net
please register your nick(name) meet-up times TBD.
05Nov 2007 Taking the initiative to the next level. Created an informal group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8363657036) to provide a platform for open discussion and collaboration.
19Oct 2007 OLPCPH is the headgroup for the small springing groups in the Philippines, pls work with OLPCPH team to centralize efforts and please report. We're looking for you. (Comment from sgc: Where and how can they work with OLPCPH?)
15Oct 2007 It's Official! OLPC Uruguay is buying 100,000 XO laptops. Through the Ceibal Project, the Uruguayan government is planning to give one laptop to every school child in the country.
23Sep 2007 Sent an introduction email to Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla of the Senate of the Philippines.
29Aug 2007 OLPCPH was registered as the official name of OLPC Philippines.


December 8, 2007

Dear friends,

There is an urgent need for community help! Friends there is a Project grant competition named Panibagong Paraan 2008 – (http://www.panibagongparaan.com). We need a better writer to write the proposal letter for our entry. We really need your help. If you are a good writer for formal/proposal letter please download the concept paper format (http://www.panibagongparaan.com/ConceptPaperFormat.doc) then after making your draft email it to us (timhack007@gmail.com). If you need more information for making the proposal letter, just email me and we will provide the information. We need to finish the proposal letter before December 22, 2007. After having the first draft I will make it available to everyone so everyone can read and correct it before we send it as our entry. Thanks.



Panibagong Paraan 2008's deadline was extended but, we were still unable get the proposal written and submitted anyway (All of the teachers and the Governor's office were very busy here in Aklan with Xmas and then Kalibo's 796th Ati-Atihan festival), the Provincial Governor's office is willing to provide some funding amount to be determined for Kalibo Elementary School II, Also I have also started setting of the school server and have started some discussion with a Local ISP/cable TV for donating internet access (for their own publicity purposes).
And there are other matching grant avenues available here in the Philippines provided that we have a clear and well documented plan!

--Chief Mike 10:32, 27 January 2008 (EST)

OLPCPH Core Group and Unang Liwanag

To all volunteers of OLPCPH, I'm Tim and we will now organize the whole group and all the resources we have. We will now plan for Unang Liwanag and create a new jam soon. Please e-mail me so we I can update everyone and we will set a date for online meeting/comference in IRC or any live chat -like yahoo messenger. My e-mail add: timhack007(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks


If you'd like to contribute to the OLPC Philippines effort, here are some projects that are looking for help. If you have a project that needs volunteers, please post it here.

The categories are listed and are required to report to OLPCPH:

  • Developers - joining the OLPCPH team requires you have the knowledge in IT and Linux
  • Educators - wants to create content, add educational technology, help in education, list your name here: Educators
  • Stakeholder Engagement - people who want to assist in engaging the various stakeholders (DepED, Local government units, business groups, individual donors, user beneficiaries)

Please contact Tim and Rowen of OLPC Philippines if you want to join us here in OLPCPH

Volunteers needed (posted August 2007)

The Malaya OLPC Philippines group is looking for volunteers in the Philippines to assist with technical development. They need:

  • Computer scientists
  • IT workers
  • Volunteers with Linux administration experience
  • Sponsors to donate materials and funding to the projects
  • Organizers to contact potential sponsors and manage projects and tasks
  • Educators to needed to design implementation of XO Machines

For immediate response contact Tim: +63 916 - 321 2042 or Email: timhack007 (at) gmail (dat) com

Project: Unang Liwanag (First Light)

This project is the "Pilot Launch" project for OLPC Philippines.

This project will be the start of the Pilot Distribution, orders will start from 250 XO machines upto a 100,000 order and then to 250,000.

This project will take orders of school upon approval of OLPC and recognition of government to OLPCPH. As noted the price of XO machine will be almost the same. OLPCPH will be the single point of contact and should be the one to have developer key and activation will be done in OLPCPH office. We won't tolerate any black market to occur.

Estimated deployment time is 6 months to years, starting from approval of government and deployment of OLPC team.

OLPCPH is under negotiation with the Philippine government and work is in progress.

4 developer XO machines for Localization development
20 XO machines for pilot school
1 Pilot School - kindergarten / elementary
In cooperation with
Grassroots for Australia OLPC Australia / http://www.ole.org/ / contact: http://lukego.livejournal.com/tag/forth

Lukego's some project working on now: http://fresh.homeunix.net/~luke/misc/etoys/

Grassroots for Japan: OLPC Japan
Grassroots for Nepal: OLPC Nepal
OLPC Nepal http://olpcnepal.org

We are helping OLPC Japan, OLPC Nepal too.

Resources and links


Education Discipline System Technology Progress


This page is intended for technical audience and the development team. OLPC_Philippines:Report

Department of Education

This would be the section for Sandeep and Charles in working with the government on DepEd status about OLPC project.

At this point, we have a three-pronged strategy to get DepED sign-off:

1) Pilot projects being sponsored by various groups such as the Unang Liwanag project. Demonstrating the success of the laptop in the target environment is key in getting further traction. We need to show people that this works in the Philippines! Otherwise, we'll continue to be in a conceptual state.

We need people who are interested to be involved in starting an Unang Liwanag project.

2) Coordinating with DepEd to ensure that the project's objectives are aligned with their objectives. For example, if the DepEd wants one computer for one classroom, this contradicts with the OLPC's principle of ownership. There needs to be some re-alignment for both to be in sync.

OLPCPH can help in the deployment of DepEd sponsored pilot and eventual roll-out plan. I think this is where you can provide ground coverage while I (and probably Mel) can provide Boston-based support.

We need people who are interested to be involved in engaging DepED in our activities.

3) Work with local governments units for project deployment within their respective areas. The minimum order quantity has gone down dramatically so deployment in one town is now feasible.

We need people who are interested to be involved in engaging local governments units to start a deployment program in their areas.

For anyone interested to contribute and be involved please feel free to contact Charles Chen using the OLPC mail list email address. You will have to join as a member volunteer (as all of us) to be able to do this.


Add yourself to this list if you are interested in OLPC Philippines.

Please provide a way to contact you e.g. email, mobile, website. Email is good or have a user page link that we can follow if you're registered in this wiki. If you've registered and validated your email account in the wiki, in the user page there's a "E-mail this user" link in the "Toolbox", which can be used.

A reporting Link is available here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Philippines:Report

  • Sandeep Chandiramani (sgc). Boston-based global person. Red Hat employee from 1998-2006. Volunteered at OLPC (MIT) in Oct'06. Brought the first prototype to the Philippines in Jan'07. Trying to take the initiative to the next level.
  • William Yu, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Kouklis, Mike(Chief Mike) |U.S. Navy,Retired Engineer @ Kalibo, Aklan Rural:Philippines
  • Romelsa Romero, Master of Science in Information Technology, Instructor at Asian College of Science and Technology
  • Rowen Remis R. Iral(Rowen), PhilNITS Society, Fundamental Information Technology Engineer(FE), OLPCPH Project Manager
  • James Shields, Software Developer; Tacloban, Leyte
  • Timothy Paul B. Martinez(Tim), Founder: Malaya Linux User Group, Python programmer, and educator in heart and spirit.
  • Graham Prosser
  • Mel Chua, OLPC intern (based in Boston, USA) - my parents immigrated to the US from the Philippines ~25 years ago, and much of my extended family still lives near Manila.
  • Divine Grace Cristobal - IT Student
  • Aldwin B. Evangelista; Programmer, Computer Technician
  • Bong Dizon, UP College of Law, [1]
  • Liana Marie Pascual, IT student, web enthusiast, help in providing content [2]
  • Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center:
  • Mary Joy Barredo-Suganob,Special EDucator very much concern for Children with Intellectual Deficiencies ( Autistic,Cp,ADHD et.al)(Special Education Center Kalibo Aklan DEp.ED Philippines)maryjoysuganob@yahoo.com
  • several other teachers are interested also to be added to this list later see OLPC Philippines Unang Liwanag
  • Boy Jalbuena, & Dalia M. Macalacad F & C Computer Center Kalibo, Aklan DepED contract for deployment/maint. of Linux desk top's to 69 Public High Schools in three provinces of Aklan, Antique, & Capiz (Northern Panay Island).
  • Charles Chen, Principal, Stimulus Capital Ideas, Sydney, Australia. Ex-banker specialising as a business sponsor for ideas or people with new business ventures with special focus on those that can be based in the Philippines. Currenty looking at web based enabling ventures.
  • Chris Gonnella (Chris), Peace Corps Volunteer, Bauang, La Union
  • Joel C. Yuvienco, De La Salle Canlubang, joel.yuvienco[at]gmail.com, Educator/Social Media Consultant, help in providing content, host online group for pilot school [3]
  • Athene Chan, APAC Red Hat Customer Service, Brisbane, Australia, swythangel [sa] gmail.com
  • Mark Gatela, project manager, web enthusiast, help in providing media attention in Manila, based in Silicon Valley, California, mgatela [sa] yahoo dot com
  • Rosvel D. Inado Office of the Vice Governor Province of Aklan (organizing especially the youth in our province).
  • User:Lgukalibo Local Government Unit, Municipality of Kalibo, Province of Aklan, Philippines



Feb. 2008 tbd
Jan. 2008 A positive and productive Year begins.
A Happy and Prosperous New Year To All! from Chief Mike 10:03, 27 January 2008 (EST) :)


Dec. 2007 The most active month throughout the year. We'll be moving more quickly for next year. ~User:Wenmi01
Nov. 2007 Meeting with Graham Prosser and Mel Chua has been done. Plans and people are starting to collaborate.
Oct. 2007 OLPCPH's Rowen and Tim talked to Graham for the Unang Liwanag (First Light) project for deployment of initial machines for education. We have come up ideas on deploying machine on a school on US and in the Philippines. Developers will be needed too mostly for this important milestone.
Sept. 2007 We have a registered name OLPCPH. Educational content and XO1 - B2-1 & B4 content are being prepared. B2-1 challenges are being worked out by OLPCPH, improving the build for this ensures better system software for builds. OLPCPH choose B2-1 for lesser cost.
Aug. 2007 Rowen lent the XO B4 to Tim, Malaya lacks machine while Rowen continued development and rugged testing and usage for an A+ teacher. Tim received a B4 with yellow XO logo dated Aug 21, 2007.
Jul. 2007 Malaya needs XO, Rowen received a B4 from OLPC
Jun. 2007 Rowen received 3 B2-1s XO machine development & testing started
Apr. 2007 Guest attendance at the OLPC "Countries Meeting" in Cambridge, MA.
Feb. 2007 Demonstration to government (Department of Education, CICT, ASTI) officials and private-sector representatives at CICT.
Jan. 2007 B1-test machine arrives in the Philippines.