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Getting Started on the XO-1.5
March 27 Saturday: Whiteboard TOC, Fact check, Rewrite, Dinner!
March 28 Sunday: Screenshots, Mouseover Finalization & Translation    
Come and join our DC Community Book Sprint!

Visit our LIVE-EDITABLE agenda:

Book(let) Sprint: Updating Walter Bender's Snazzy December 2007 "GETTING STARTED" guide...for OLPC's new XO-1.5

Believe in Clean, Helpful documentation and open source tools??

We invite you to join the OLPC/Sugar community, as we overhaul & beautify these dozen HTML pages critical to so many newcomers around the world -- including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Creole and interactive mouseovers -- all in one fast weekend sprint:

If the Amish community can raise a barn in 2 days, so can we! Like the Amish, we aim to KISS (keep it simple, stupid) by retaining the Clean/Helpful/Minimal look & feel that Walter Bender has created.

Time & Place

Weekend of March 27/28, 2010
9am to 7pm (both days!)

Arlington Career Center:
816 S. Walter Reed Dr
Arlington, Virginia
(1+ mile W. of the Pentagon)

Google Map

Aerial photo map



  • Inkscape/Gimp/Photoshop experts
  • Javascript experts
  • Certified Grannies


Beyond Walter's pioneering work, and which we won't be using this time, we draw deep inspiration in the following Clean, Helpful documentation and (especially!) open source tools: - Windows & Linux utility to download web sites - Spiderzilla - Firefox plug-in to download web sites - Scrapbook - Firefox plug-in to download web sites

Please apply for an XO-1.5 if you will be actively contributing, thanks!

Site Audit

  • 16 profusely illustrated HTML pages
  • 7 of the pages have interactive mouseover graphics
  • 56 mouseover captions
  • 20 Sugar activities described
  • 51 screenshots
  • Many external links
  • Entire site available as one long PDF document

Visual Site Map

Map image stored on Flickr

View 10625 x 6500px original map

Project Tasks

  • Reuse as much of the existing HTML and Javascript as possible. Establish directory / file naming convention for the new pages. (Maybe or
  • Code keywords into all the new pages for search engine friendliness.
  • Some of the text will need to be edited to reflect recent changes in the hardware and Sugar.
  • Many new screenshots will need to be made.
  • Some of the photo illustrations with callouts will need to be edited due to changes in Sugar or the laptop (e.g. expanded activity ring and new trackpad design).
  • Re-use as many of the original photos and screenshots as possible. Continue to link to and store image assets in
  • Outbound links need to be rechecked.
  • One or more new pages need to be written and illustrated to explain new features such as the control panel and Gnome Desktop.
  • Preserve old set of start pages ( ) and clearly label that they are for the XO-1. Link to these from the new XO-1.5 start page.
  • Add sidebar on new XO-1.5 pages to help people figure out which laptop/OS they have.
  • Create some inbound links from elsewhere on and other user group sites.
  • Time permitting, all updated pages and illustrations to be collected into a downloadable PDF.

Site Navigation

  • Preserve global navigation, sub-navigation and footer
  • How to handle jump between pages for XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75 (future)
  • How to navigate to alternate language versions

Image File Notes

The images are a mix of GIF, PNG and JPEG. They all appear to be stored in

Sizes of screen shots of activities embedded in the pages vary: 427x320, 426x320

In some cases, we may want to locate the original hardware photo from the OLPC Flickr stream in order to composite in new Sugar screens

Agreed upon naming convention for sprint screenshots: oldfilename-xo15.suffix

PDF document download

The entire Getting Started collection of web pages is downloadable as a 103-page, 13mb PDF. Link text in the PDF is not clickable. The PDF is posted on Google Docs for viewing:

The 56 mouseover captions are all broken out in one long stack in the document.

If this PDF is recreated from the new Getting Started pages, the file size can be reduced by optimizing through Acrobat. Clickable links should be preserved. Page numbering should be added.

Other Snappy Intros to XO/Sugar equivalent to

See also Manuals, Documentation Projects and ClassActs/Resources.


Screenshot Gallery

Note on capturing screenshots: I realized that some of my early screenshot captures were of initial static screens. It is much better to show a particular activity in an active state with as much interesting content as possible. -- Mike

Google Spreadsheet inventory of screenshots:

Agreed upon naming convention for sprint screenshots: oldfilename-xo15.suffix

Gallery of replacement illustrations:

Community Authors Coordination

Join our mailing list:

Live Chat: (that's #olpc-help on

Live calls will bring tactile contact with (active!) remote participants


Translation volunteers will polish their work after the English Master Document freezes 7PM EDT Sunday March 28:

  • Beth Santos & Roberta Pospissil (PORTUGUESE TRANSLATION)
  • Becky Young?
  • Luke Faraone
  • Jeff Elkner
  • Mike Lee
  • Kevin Cole
  • Adam Holt
  • Seth Woodworth
  • Amy Lee (copy editing, proofreading remotely and some pre-sprint prep)
  • George Hunt
  • Jerry aka DancesWithCars, my Sprint feedback here[1]
  • Chris Leonard?
  • Sameer Verma
  • Christoph Derndorfer (GERMAN TRANSLATION)
  • Samy Boutayeb (FRENCH TRANSLATION)
  • Andrew Pompa (proofreading, editing)
  • please add your name AND favorite HTML page from that you want to edit+modernize!

Accommodations / Offers / Requests

Contact Adam Holt (holt @ and Mike Lee (curiouslee @ to see if anything's possible!

Parking Lot For Post-Sprint Issues / Tasks

  • Updating the /start section begs the question of updating pages elsewhere on like: