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542-stopicon.png This is historical, see Manuals

What Exists

Manuals lists complete substantial manuals for the project. There were other evolving, incomplete or somewhat obsolete manuals for the laptop:

Getting Started

Getting Started was a project started at OLPC by Walter Bender. It has gone through multiple versions, been fractured, re-assembled, translated and distributed a number of times.

  • Getting Started as a Word document [1]
  • Getting Started in HTML [2]
  • Getting Started as a PDF [3]
  • Getting Started at the Sugar Labs wiki [4]

FLOSS Manuals

  • FLOSS Manuals started in Word, moved to Google Docs, moved to Author-it, moved to Writing by college students, Todd Kelsey, Emily Kaplan, Anne Gentle, Adam Hyde, with much editing work from Kelly Holcomb; time-intense translation support on the copies by Micheal Cooper

Much of the work on the current set of manuals was done at the Austin Book Sprint Aug 24-29, 2008.

Simplified User Guide

  • Simplified user guide same starting story as the FLOSS Manuals version, but an earlier version of the content at FLOSS manuals, with intentions of synching the two by using Floss Manual's API for inclusion of Floss version on the page

Support FAQ

Started by Support Gang, enhanced by Kate from Yale, see offspring:

Assorted Offspring

Competing FAQ's

Sugar Almanac

  • Sugar Almanac is a detailed guide to the Sugar API for activity developers.

Make Your Own Sugar Activities!

By Jim Simmons:
JAN 12th 2010 DRAFT!
JAN 21st 2010 DRAFT!
FEB 3rd 2010 DRAFT!
FEB 23rd 2010 near-final HTML
MCH 4th 2010 FINAL?

Activity Handbook

  • Activity Handbook is documentation for activity developers by Christoph and OLPC Austria.
"The purpose of the activity handbook is to provide you with all the information you need in order to get started with software development for the OLPC XO."
    • Chapter One of Christoph's guide is Introduction to Sugar, a general introduction to the Sugar Learning Environment.

Deployment Guide

Localized Documents

These are documentation projects that were originated in

Peruvian Guide

  • Peruvian Guide (actual book!)

Link Needed

Ceibal Manual / Guide (Uruguay)

  • Uruguayan Guide (actual book!)
  • "Ceibal in the society of the 21st century" (Uruguay) goes well beyond just-a-manual:

Pashto & Dari Manual (2 official languages of Afghanistan)