Sugar TODO

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  • Frame animation if the perf is acceptable on the XO (marco)
  • Fix positioning of the access point icons tooltips


  • Make sure the frame scale correctly on not 4:3 resolutions (ex 800x440). Once that works we can remove the screen sizing hacks in sugar-emulator.
  • Finish up frame menu positioning
  • Tooltips for the zoom icons and for the activity icons (just the activity name for now)
  • When hovering a frame icon his background should become black (check for the exact color on the mockups)
  • Feedback when hovering menu items
  • Make Menu looks nice by adding some padding. Is the color right? It seem too light.
  • Get rid of the horrible network manager icon, we should have device icon on the homepage and access points on the mesh view
  • The overlay button is gone. Sometimes appear in the left-top corner, figure out what's going on.
  • Set the frame canvases background to None so that we don't get white flashes. Need to figure out how we want to do this. Patch to hippo-canvas (optional) or tweak the canvas widget or use HippoWindow and tweak or our own Window.
  • Fix the white flashes sometimes appear in the corners (maybe because windows are now overlapping)?


  • Make the toolbar look nice. There are some strange artifacts on the option menu. We need padding and spacing between items.
  • Fix style of the view, the colors are just wrong in particular.
  • Correct the colors of the resume button.


  • Switch to detailed view on an entry click.
  • Button with a label and an optional icon
  • Add the star to both views.
  • Buddy list for the detailed view
  • Add the activity icon to both views.


  • Update xbook toolbar