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"As Fitts' Law implies," ... uhhh, the XO doesn't actually come with a mouse... it comes with a touch pad. Does Fitts' Law apply to touchpads? Think about it.. I think you can agree it doesn't.

Actually, I argue that it most certainly does. As Wikipedia states, "Fitts' Law is used to model the act of pointing, both in the real world, for example, with a hand or finger and on computers, for example, with a mouse." The act of using a trackpad is really nothing more than a pointing gesture constrained to the plane of the trackpad, so even without a mouse the rule still applies. - Eben 15:34, 12 January 2007 (EST)

Regarding the Clipboard, actually I believe that over the past 20+ years Apple, Microsoft and Lotus have all tried to enhance the flexibility of the clipboard. The original Mac OS had some very cool multi-page clipboard features. At Lotus we tried a lot of experiments with more clipboard objects and pages. In the end, the users said they found it too confusing and really only needed one thing at a time most of the time. -- Len