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GIT sources in dev.laptop.org


Has two un-named parameters:

  • wiki-url-to-source — a full link to where the sources are kept
  • logo — a full wiki-text (or image) to be used on the left (by default GIT)

Has an extra named parameter, which if specified should always be after the previous two:

  • status — to specify the status of the code base. Currently, if abandoned is specified, it changes the background colors to red-ish tones (see below). No other status names are being used, and the colors will default to greens for any (or no) status.
Result Stand alone {{olpcboxmacro}} code
{{{type}}} sources in {{{wiki-url-to-source}}}
{{OBX source|wiki-url-to-source|type}} |source{{!}}wiki-url-to-source{{!}}type|
{{{type}}} sources in {{{wiki-url-to-source}}}
{{OBX source|wiki-url-to-source|type|status=abandoned}} |source{{!}}wiki-url-to-source{{!}}type{{!}}status=abandoned|

Categorizes the including page into the Category:XO sources.