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IRC Nick: Xavi
#olpc-content #olpc-es
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Full Name 
Xavier Alvarez
Originally IT background (mainly OOP and Smalltalk) but currently into logistics.
Main focus 
OLPC Argentina,
OLPC Spanish America,
Other areas 
Category:Translated Pages in Category:Spanish.
Organize the Special:Categories
Wiki Page Restructuring Common Room
Keeping track of 
Category:Uncategorized OLPC Media
OLPC objectives 
Would like to collaborate and participate more on the deployment plans & logistics.
Although I have been granted sysadmin rights on this site, I have no affiliation to the OLPC or any of their partners.
Personal Area 
/WikiSamples, /Test, /Tester, /Portal, /Spanish Playground
Currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Happened to live 2+ years in: Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, San Salvador, La Paz, Nantes, and Lausanne.
Since 2007-07-17T16:05UTC-3 olpc (B4-11) SHF725006C0

Wanted Pages

Here's a list of the (Top-20) 'most wanted' pages:

To Do List

Date Action Object Notes
2007-07-01 FIX Portal:Education Something is wrong... tidyhtml? variables? typos? must check Talk:Portal:Education
2007-06-19 ADD Translating#Resources search tutorials, guides, etc. for gettext
2007-06-19 WRITE HIG-style guide to translating
2007-06-17 Fix Help:Editing The HMTL code is messed up...
2007-05-11 review replace resumir in HIG find a valid word: "retomar", "reanudar", "proseguir", "volver" o "retornar"?
2007-04-27 Move Un portátil por niño to Una laptop por chico as commented in Talk:Un portátil por niño#Consistencia en la semántica (Done: 2007-05-02)
2007-04-13 Review Template:/translations it should either be deleted or contain 'template' stuff (Done: 2007-04-13 & 2007-04-14)
2007-01-27 Restructure Sugar Current page is quite lame, and not a very good first impression for somebody trying to 'discover' about such a novel interface for kids!
When in better shape, it should be linked from either Home, Table of Contents and possibly other 'entry points'
2007-01-22 Undo? id 22116 changes in Video of the OLPC revert layout changes to non-glossary-style (pending confirmation)
2007-01-10 Move Ask OLPC a Question/New#Gambia to Ask OLPC a Question about Countries (Done: 2007-01-18)
Merge Fund raising idea into ???
2007-01-11 Zap? page User:Vialogicinc corporate Ad space (Done by Sj 2007-03-18)

Some (lost, personal) notes on distribution

Categorization Notes

Although this page is in my 'private' space, if anybody lands here and has something to say, please feel free to do so!

Pages where Special:Categories and structure of the OLPCWiki: structure is being discussed/referenced:

Rank Page Notes
dead Page Categories has been tagged for Category:Pages for deletion...
high Talk:Page Categories nice small top level hierarchy proposal
medium User talk:Sj#Hey interesting idea about 'parceling' pages... would that be 'sub-pages'? is it doable?
low OLPCWiki:Community Portal
& #To Do List
Requesting work to be done on the subject...
high OLPCWiki talk:Community Portal Plenty of feedback and ideas
high User talk:Aburton The section on < includeonly > considered harmless is food for thought
medium Talk:Sharing your content with OLPC#Language vs Language Hints to an interesting issue when i18n efforts will take off: source language vs target language
medium Talk:Hyperlinked hub Proposed subject categorization (for content)
medium User talk:Nitpicker#re: pre-literate Categorization based on 'education level'
high Educational content ideas/language learning#Strategies for Language learning Citation and enumeration of strategies used for language learning... probably some material could be categorized based on those (or similar) axis
medium Talk:OS images#Reorganizing "Build images" pages Proposes some criteria for splitting up the page - maybe its ideas are reusable?
medium Subjects A categorization for content - how international or global is it really? Mainly western?
medium OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Activities/Activity Bundles#Activity Tags To top things off, as the project crystalizes, categories will have to deal with Activities
high User:Sj/Log/Idea pooling Summary of ideas among users on how to gear the pooling of ideas... maybe too complex? and a bit outside of my scope?
reference Wiki Sort of general depot for some issues related to the wiki
high Talk:Educators#Improving site organization - Content contribution storyboarding? Another take at the broad layout / categories for the site

Other things

User:Aburton was really active, particularly working on Special:Categories... but hasn't been around since 2006-08-21 15:39:34... any ideas why?

Wishlist & Tests

Would be cool to have Interwiki linking. I've been trying several things, but can't get it to work.

Apparently, this would be a link to wikipedia's article on Argentina, but no. I've tried Argentina, Wikipedia:Argentina, Argentina, this and others, but to no avail... I think that there's quite a bit of functionality in this wiki that hasn't been activated... #if: doesn't work either...

Another option is that I can't make it work! ;)

For reference, here the WikiMedia's current interwiki map and sample map

Editing a wiki is a fairly simple thing to do; but to do it right, a bit of documentation is required:

Wiki Samples


See WikiMedia Help:Wikitext
Effect Result Typed
italics some italic text some ''italic'' text
bold some bold text some '''bold''' text
bold italics some bold & italic text some '''''bold & italic''''' text
color some colored text some <font color="red">colored</font> text
big some big text some <big="red">big</big> text
small some small text some <font size="-1">small</font> text
another small some small text some <sub>small</sub> text


See WikiMedia Help:Table
An example table
First header Second header
upper left   right side
lower left lower middle
A table in a table
Pic Xo.jpg Pic Xo.jpg
Two XO logos
{| border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" align="center" style="float:right"
|+'''An [ example table]'''
! style="background:#efefef;" | First header
! colspan="2" style="background:#ffdead;" | Second header
| upper left
| rowspan=2 style="border-bottom:3px solid grey;" valign="top" | right side
| style="border-bottom:3px solid grey;" | lower left
| style="border-bottom:3px solid grey;" | lower middle
| colspan="3" align="center" |
{| border="0"
|+''A table in a table''
| align="center" width="150px" | [[Image:Pic Xo.jpg|100px]]
| align="center" width="150px" | [[Image:Pic Xo.jpg]]
| align="center" colspan="2" style="border-top:1px solid red; border-right:1px solid red; border-bottom:2px solid red; border-left:1px solid red;" | Two XO logos


See WikiMedia Help:HTML in wikitext

<div style="margin:2px; border:1px solid orange; background:lightgray; padding:5px; font-size:66%; width:90%; margin-left:auto; margin-right: auto; text-align:center; " >
Some text should figure here....</div>
Some text should figure here....

<div style="margin:5px; border:7px solid orange; background:#fda; padding:11px; font-size:133%; width:60%; margin-left:auto; margin-right: auto; " >
Some other text is here...

Some other text is here...

Parser functions & others

wiki-text result note
{{ lc:AbCdEf }} abcdef gives abcdef.
{{ #language:da }} dansk gives Dansk
{{ #expr: (30 + 7) * 7 }} 259 = 259
{{ #ifeq: +07 | 007 | 1 | 0 }} 1 gives 1
{{ #ifeq: "+07" | "007" | 1 | 0 }} 0 gives 0
{{ #if: {{{parameter|}}} | Parameter is defined. | Parameter is undefined, or empty }} Parameter is undefined, or empty
{{ #ifexist: Bugs|Foo|RFC 3092 }} RFC 3092 gives RFC 3092, because Bugs doesn't exist
{{ #switch: A | a=lower | A=UPPER }} UPPER gives UPPER
{{ #time:D, j M Y H:i:s {{#time:+H:i|+0 hours }} }} Thu, 20 Jan 2022 06:02:20 +06:02