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Although this page is in my 'private' space, if anybody lands here and has something to say, please feel free to do so!

Pages where Special:Categories and structure of the OLPCWiki: structure is being discussed/referenced:

Rank Page Notes
dead Page Categories has been tagged for Category:Pages for deletion...
high Talk:Page Categories nice small top level hierarchy proposal
medium User talk:Sj#Hey interesting idea about 'parceling' pages... would that be 'sub-pages'? is it doable?
low OLPCWiki:Community Portal
& #To Do List
Requesting work to be done on the subject...
high OLPCWiki talk:Community Portal Plenty of feedback and ideas
high User talk:Aburton The section on < includeonly > considered harmless is food for thought
medium Talk:Sharing your content with OLPC#Language vs Language Hints to an interesting issue when i18n efforts will take off: source language vs target language
medium Talk:Hyperlinked hub Proposed subject categorization (for content)
medium User talk:Nitpicker#re: pre-literate Categorization based on 'education level'
high Educational content ideas/language learning#Strategies for Language learning Citation and enumeration of strategies used for language learning... probably some material could be categorized based on those (or similar) axis
medium Talk:OS images#Reorganizing "Build images" pages Proposes some criteria for splitting up the page - maybe its ideas are reusable?
medium Subjects A categorization for content - how international or global is it really? Mainly western?
medium OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Activities/Activity Bundles#Activity Tags To top things off, as the project crystalizes, categories will have to deal with Activities
high User:Sj/Log/Idea pooling Summary of ideas among users on how to gear the pooling of ideas... maybe too complex? and a bit outside of my scope?
reference Wiki Sort of general depot for some issues related to the wiki
high Talk:Educators#Improving site organization - Content contribution storyboarding? Another take at the broad layout / categories for the site

Other things

User:Aburton was really active, particularly working on Special:Categories... but hasn't been around since 2006-08-21 15:39:34... any ideas why?