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The nature (or art) of translating includes among other things the ability to remain consistent in the terms used to represent the original terms, many of which could be idioms and as such, highly dependent on the context they were used. This tables (currently dealing with spanish terms) tries to form the basis for a sort of community terms to be adopted.

NOTE: Please don't update the tables themselves if you disagree or have a 'better' translation. Make a note and explain it in the discussion page, as these terms are already in use in the site and any change will leave the translated documents off-synch with this term-dictionary. Also note that in spanish many idioms have generated through artificial translations or barbarisms, covering regional or community 'standard terms' instead of being official or global to the language as a whole.

English Español
Activities Actividades
Activity Basics Bases de las Actividades
Activity Bundles Paquetes de Actividad
Bulletin Boards Carteleras
Carteleras de Anuncios
Colors Colores
Controls Controles
Core Ideas Ideas Centrales
Cursor Cursor
Design Fundamentals Fundamentos del Diseño
(The) Frame El Marco
Global Search Búsqueda Global
Icons Iconos
Input Systems Sistemas de Entrada
Introduction Introducción
Layout Guidelines Lineamientos de Diagramación
(The) Journal El Diario
Key Design Principles Principios Claves del Diseño
Know Your Audience Conocer la Audiencia
(The) Laptop Experience Experimentando la Laptop
Rollovers Marquesina
Security Seguridad
(The) Sugar Interface La Interface Sugar
Text and Fonts Texto y Tipografía
View Source Visualizar Código Fuente
Zoom Metaphor Metáfora de Zoom
Español English
Actividades Activities
Bases de las Actividades Activity Basics
Búsqueda Global Global Search
Carteleras de Anuncios
Bulletin Boards
Colores Colors
Controles Controls
Cursor Cursor
Conocer la Audiencia Know Your Audience
(El) Diario The Journal
Experimentando la Laptop The Laptop Experience
Fundamentos del Diseño Design Fundamentals
Iconos Icons
Ideas Centrales Core Ideas
(La) Interface Sugar The Sugar Interface
Introducción Introduction
Lineamientos de Diagramación Layout Guidelines
(El) Marco The Frame
Metáfora de Zoom Zoom Metaphor
Paquetes de Actividad Activity Bundles
Principios Claves del Diseño Key Design Principles
Seguridad Security
Sistemas de Entrada Input Systems
Texto y Tipografía Text and Fonts
Visualizar Código Fuente View Source

Korean: 한국어

English 한국어
Activities 활동
Activity Basics 활동 기초
Activity Bundles 활동 번들
Bulletin Boards 게시판
Colors 컬러 또는 색깔
Controls 컨트롤
Core Ideas 핵심 아이디어
Cursor 커서
Design Fundamentals 디자인 기초
(The) Frame 프레임
Global Search 글로벌 검색
Icons 아이콘
Input Systems 입력 시스템
Introduction 소개
Layout Guidelines 레이아웃 가이드라인
(The) Journal 저널
Key Design Principles 핵심 디자인 원칙
Know Your Audience 청중을 알라
(The) Laptop Experience 노트북 경험
Rollovers 롤오버
Security 보안
(The) Sugar Interface 슈가 인터페이스
Text and Fonts 텍스트와 폰트
View Source 소스 보기
Zoom Metaphor 줌 메타포