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아직 살아 있으니 고맙다 하루 세 끼 밥 먹을 수 있으니 고맙다 새봄이 와 꽃 볼 수 있으니 더욱 고맙다 ... 밥 먹기 위해 일하고 일해서 밥 먹고, 밥이 생명이 되고 생명이 일이 되고… 그러니 밥이 밥을 먹고, 새봄이 새봄을 먹고...

Thanks for still alive, thanks for three meals a day, thanks for seeing flowers in early to eat, eats after work, food becomes a life, a life becomes working...So, food eats food, early spring eats early spring..

 –김 지하 (Kim Zi Ha)

Who am I

Full Name 
Do Young-Min, 도 영민

I am a farmer and fisher living in the Jejudo Island, Korea, and a beginner to wiki software. Some Korean citizens are interested in deploying XO to Korea with its several variations such as XO Smartphone, Mesh Phone, and Larger XO etc. I'm in charge of translating Korean opinions into English and posting them onto various websites including here, wiki.laptop.

My blog is here.

Working Fields in this wiki

Translation : translating this wiki into Korean from time to time; every morning and evening I check my email account, so available by mail.

Email : Tel: 82-010-3480-7170, if urgent, please send me text message to the mobile phone.

e-Government: classifing the governmental functions (or services) of Korea into Independent and Programmable modules (or objects), which will be coded using Squeak, Smalltalk, and Python under Open Enterprise Architecture, with the help of about 10,000,000 Korean students having XOs on their hands. I already reclassified about 65,000 governmental functions published by the Ministry of Adminstration and Home Affaris into about 30,000 objects, and am now establishing Open Enterprise Architecture to code them. In 3 to 5 years, there will be a totally new government, e-Government operating without human labors.

Mesh Network: constructing national-wide mesh network using IEEE 802.11s XO laptops as network relays. I hope those more than 10,000,000 XOs in Korea and school servers shall establish perfectly independent communication network. I hope to see about US$20~30 wifi phones without communication expenses at all in just 5 years from now.

School Servers: constructing a network center for school servers in Korea working as a firewall and content/activity provider.

XO Korea: establishing a supporting team, so called XO Korea, for XOs in Korea, such as repairing hardwares, introducing/developing new activities, and first of all coordinating XO-related activities in Korea.

My works

Main focus 
XO Korea - focusing on persuading the Korean government to be with OLPC and interested in;
  • designing, manufacturing and deploying some XO derivatives. See XO Smartphone, Larger XO
  • applying XO to public (governmental) and private (business) sectors. See Open Enterprise Architecture
  • finding a practical deployment of machines based on XO-like philosophy (open source, collaboration, simple is best) such as MIT Foldable Electric City Car engineered by MIT Media Lab. See XO-like machines and their deployments
  • redesigning the governmental infrastructure of a nation based on Information Technologies (administration, legislation and justice system). See Government Server
  • redesigning business processes using IT. See Business Server
  • designing City Communities based on XO-like philosophy (open democracy, energy efficient, simple, open schools and other social infra, and first of all ecological ones). See XO City

Currently in jejudo, the largest island of Korea.

To Do List of XO Korea

My role in XO Korea is to translate some Korean articles onto this OLPC wiki.

  • Results and progress of composing Korean Mesh Network, integrating all XO and XO variations in a single wireless network