Korean central governments

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There are more than 10,000 states, cities, counties, or other governmental organizations in Korea. You can see rabbit ears at a government's location if the local government deploys XO for their residents.

At the end of year 2005, there were 931,025 governmental employees, and currently (June 1st, 2007) are about 960,000 employees.

We estimate there shall be about 50,000 Governmental Servers, each of which will do a role of virtual government. For functions to be loaded on each server, see Governmental Fuctions, composed of about 60,000 rough functions, each again being composed of 1~10 sub-functions.

Government Deployment National Government Local Governments Governmental Subsidiaries

Local Government Deployment 1. Seoul 2. Incheon 3. Daejeon 4. Gwangju 5. Daegu 6. Ulsan 7. Busan 8. Gyeonggi
9. Gangwon 10. Chungnam 11. Chungbuk 12. Gyeongbuk 13. Jeonbuk 14. Jeonnam 15. Gyeongnam 16. Jeju

We hope to provide OLPC to the government sections of Korea, not OLPC(hild) but OLPC(itizen). Among about 950,000 government employees of Korea in 2006, about 340,000 persons are working for the central government. See OLPC Smartphone or Type III OLPC for details.

Our plan is to provide governmental employees with;

Those servers and OLPCs may provide children with another kind of school, Government School. See wko.in for details of our contacts with various Korean governments in Korean language.

Below is the organizational chart of the central government of Korea. As the Korean government pursues decentralized management rather than centralization, we contact each ministry one by one and the progress will be shown here on periodical basis. Org.gif