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Business Servers also are a derivative of School Server, and we hope to supply those to business sections. Our moto is quite simple.

The best schools for children are places where values are produced, such as farms, factories, hospitals, and research centers etc. Schools also are one of those value-production places, for children to be more valuable human beings.

So, why not OLPC in business sectors? via supplying Type III XOs and Business Servers to various companies, research centers, hospitals and farms etc, children can;

  • communicate directly with value producers rather than indirectly through other persons such as teachers
  • use various and numerous Business Servers as various and numerous e-books
  • train themselves as preliminary value producers

Value producers in business sectors of a nation also can benefit from a Type III XO and Business Servers. They can;

We are actively contacting many organizations representing each of various industrial sectors. The results of contacting those entities, various economic indexes and/or financial ratios and other issues will be described in detail in this page. We hope our tries and various analysis (especially financial aspects) to be some kind of reference data to other nations such as developing nations as well as developed nations.

The categories below are based on UNSPSC segment classification, and there will be more detailed categories (such as Family, Class, Commodity and Business sub-categories) in each linked pages afterwards. All information is from Korea only. XO Korea/business deployment